See how Evernote is restricting free users of the app

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Evernote is arguably the best note taking app out there. While using it, one could take down notes and sync them across multiple devices. Your notes go with you where ever. For free users, the major restriction us the inability to edit your notes off line. This has changed now.

In the past week, Evernote announced they would restrict free users to only two devices. It would be opened up only when you subscribe. I received an email to that effect:

As someone who accesses notes on multiple devices, it’s important that you’re aware of an upcoming change.
In 30 days, you will be able to sync your notes to a maximum of 2 devices using Evernote Basic. Upgrading your subscription will allow you to use an unlimited number of devices.

They also offered me 50% off from the premium subscription as an incentive. Yesterday, I tried to sign in, and got the following notification. See screenshot below:

Evernote-restrict (1)From the screenshot above, you can see I was forced to pick two devices for future use. I had to pick only my phone and PC – these guys mean business 😀 I won’t stop using Evernote, because my productivity depends on it. Have you experienced this too? Voice off in the comments.



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  1. I use OneNote since my Windowsphone days and it works fine for me. Didn’t get to use Evernote that much

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