See how Windows 10 phones will support Android and iOS apps.

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Yesterday, we hinted that Microsoft is set to announce support for Android apps on Windows 10 for mobiles. Subsequently, it was officially was announced during the build event yesterday. If you were wondering how this will be made possible, you’re not left alone, I was bewildered too.


First, I thought it would be achieved through side-loading – synonymous with Blackberry 10 devices – but then, many issues will arise. Where will users get iOS apps for side-loading?

This would also have entailed having emulators for both iOS and Android apps. Then the Windows 10 phone would have been a total mumbo jumbo- jack of all trades and master of none.

Microsoft is achieving this by providing a development kit for directly converting Android and iOS apps to support Windows 10. This makes it easier for developers to port their apps for Windows phone support without having to build it from scratch.

A working example is the popular game Candy Crush Saga, which was converted from iOS code using Microsoft’s tools without many modifications. Smart move!! I must say.

It will be interesting to see how all these will play out. How will they separate the ported apps from native apps in the Windows store? Will developers be willing to port their apps? Your thoughts are welcomed.


  1. smart move, in fact the smartest move from Redmond in ages. the Java/C++/Objective C/Web compiler/convergence is pure genius. just goes to show that Microsoft is still a software company first and foremost.

  2. I am keenly watching how this will all pan out.

    MicroSoft Corporation is finally going to show them that they have been in the OS / software software business since the beginning of TIME.

    If this works out without hiccups, the projected 3 bullion users on WindowsPhone in two years would be an underestimate..

    A mobile universe where you can have any app from any platform will be pure bliss.

  3. I play Candy Crush on my Windows Phone and it doesn’t look or feel different. This is a welcomed development; can’t wait to have Windows 10 on my Computer and grab a Windows 10-powered device.

  4. If there’s money invovled Elroy, why would they need convincing? If they can monetise their app in some way or even get more users, why not?

    However, it all depends on the app. It will be interesting to observe.

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