See how MTN Nigeria lost 5 million subscribers

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Following the recent drama over registration of SIM cards, MTN Nigeria have officially announced their casualty in numbers. The firm reportedly lost 5.1 million subscribers in the last quarter. This was said to be caused by two major factors – stiff competition and tougher regulations in the Nigerian market.


This has affected the company’s target of hitting 16.75 million new subscribers this year. The company is hoping to restore about 3.4 million of these subscribers – this is will be after normalizing their SIM card registration details.

The spokesperson for the MTN Group, Nik Kershaw, said,

“MTN, which operates in more than 20 countries across the Middle East and Africa, had 5.1 million subscribers cut off in Nigeria, its biggest market, at the end following checks on personal documents.”

Chief Executive Sifiso Dabengwa added:

“Aggressive price competition, weakening macroeconomic conditions in most of our markets and unfavourable exchange rate movements continued to impact financial performance for the quarter,”



  1. Seems to me they never really had those subscribers in the first instance,mostly redundant and used throwaway SIMs better for them to know the real number of their customers now..

  2. They lose more to that ‘sim portability’ scheme and imei cloning smart phone cheats. Had a friend who had close to ten redundant mtn sims all for browsing cheats. Suit them well. Too much exploitation

  3. Their attitude towards the sim registration exercise was inhumane. They simply blame it on NCC but a customer-focused company would have done more to make customers more comfortable.

    And maybe it’s the way the staff handled it but MTN was way crazier than most networks. Cut off with no warning, long and inconsiderate queues, etc

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