This is why the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exploding

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Picture this: You got yourself the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Been using it for a couple of days and the experience is breath taking. One day, you leave it to charge and step out of the room. Then your hear BOOM!! You run back to see your phone blown to pieces (see picture below).

samsung exploding phones - samsung galaxy note 7 blow-up

This has been the drama for some users of the new Galaxy Note 7. Over 40 cases has been reported globally. Samsung is recalling the device, and giving users new ones (or a different phone till it is replaced). Now to the big question

Why is this happening?

Here’s an official statement from Samsung:

“Based on our investigation, we learned that there was an issue with the battery cell. An overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact which is a very rare manufacturing process error. We are working with multiple suppliers to ensure that a rigorous inspection process is conducted to ensure the quality of our replacement units and we do not anticipate any further battery issues.”

You see, the Lithium material used in making most phone batteries is highly reactive, and susceptible to thermal runway. When a faulty battery overheats, the cells open up, resulting in a chain reaction of other cells breaking. This is what causes batteries to explode in many cases – a simple short circuit or a design flaw could trigger this.

The recalling process could cost Samsung as much as US$1 billion. We hope Samsung recovers from this malady caused by a “very rare manufacturing process error”.



  1. If the Note 7 had a removable back cover, they wouldn’t have had a recall, they could simply ask everyone to come in to their outlets for a battery replacement.

  2. Recover long term yes, but I don’t see them making profit on that particular device anytime soon. Really sad period for Samsung.

  3. Recover long term yes, but I don’t see them making profit on that particular device anytime soon. Really sad period for Samsung.

  4. I’m just baffled as to how such an error could occur on a high end Samsung phone. And it’s quite worrying that such a significant flaw managed to make its way through the manufacturing process unnoticed, but then…

    US Federal Aviation authority has now basically issued a notice telling travellers not to charge Samsung Note 7s on flights.

  5. Well, This is Apple’s Year.
    Samsung has really messed up with this note7 issue.
    Not entirely samsung’s fault but when you imagine this happening to you, you will realise how serious it is.
    Most people trying to decide between note7 and iphone7 plus, im sure by now, already made up their mind.

  6. Samsung haven’t quite messed up this year even though this is embarrassing.

    The Note 7 matter is a blip, it doesn’t detract from the consistent positivity of the Samsung Galaxy 7.

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