Snapshot: Night Mode on Twitter app for Android

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Yes. Finally, Android phones get Night Mode on Twitter app. It is odd that it took this long for the Twitter app for Android to get this feature. The Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile apps have had thus since forever.

Some weeks ago, Twitter launched Night Mode on their Android app. Users that updated to the latest version testified to its goodness. I thought to update mine and see what its like. Night mode is a darker user interface used for apps and other software. This helps for ease of use, especially at night for lesser straining of the eyes.

Snapshot of Night Mode on Twitter for Android

Here’s what Night Mode on Twitter for Android looks like:

Night Mode on Twitter

Night Mode Everywhere

Manufacturers and developers are incorporating Night Mode in their software. BlackBerry has it on BlackBerry 10 phones. You can find it on Windows Phones. Even Google almost launched it for Android Marshmallow – before withdrawing in the final preview build.

I like the blueish hue to the Night Mode on Twitter feature. If for some reason, you are yet to update your Twitter app for Android (stop being so stingy with data…hehehe), and so have not seen Night Mode on the app, go and update now. Have you updated yours? What are your thoughts concerning Night Mode for apps?


  1. Experienced it on Twitter for Windows Phone. Not particularly fussed about it as I tend to prefer 3rd party Twitter apps.

  2. I love it. I even prefer to use it both day and night. I’m not a fan of very bright screens

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