See what Mrs. Mo has in common with Kim Kardashian

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Of all things, I’m pretty sure that the title of this piece brought you here. Now that you are reading this, and I have grabbed your full attention, I’m sure you are wondering what it is that would make me put Kim Kardashian and a typical Nigerian Mrs. Mo on the same pedestal. What could this be?


Popular American celebrity Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of BlackBerry Bold phones. She admitted that she’s comfortable with tapping away on the hardware keys of her BlackBerry phone – typical Nigerian :grin:. In her words:

“It’s my heart and soul, I love it and I’ll never get rid of it,”

Till this year, that’s what she uses for serious business, but it appears that she is giving up. The swift decline of BlackBerry has made it difficult to purchase the phone. Even on eBay, it is even getting more difficult by the day. She shares a bit more:

They don’t even have them in stores anymore. I buy them on eBay. It’s a BlackBerry Bold. And I like to have three in my room that I line up in case they break.”

“I’m so close to giving it up,”

“I thought I would be BlackBerry ’til I die. I do still love my buttons, but you know, I think eBay has almost run out of this model… I think there’s been a few more models since then which I didn’t like as much, and I feel like I’m so close to just having the iPhone 6S.”

I know some of us can still relate to this. I know a number of people I had to beg to embrace the touch screen experience. Some of us here can totally relate to this.

Mr. Mo tells me that Mrs. Mo and Kim are twins in this matter. Mrs. Mo has stuck to legacy Blackberry for years and was only forced to drop her Bolds and Curves because of lack of up-to-date apps. And guess what she opted for – a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. LOOOOL. Incurable.


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  1. Show me your husband, and I will tell you who you are. Birds of the same feathers flock together.

    It totally makes sense that a Mrs Mo, being married to a dinosaur like Mr Mo, would love the QWERTY keyboard.

    Same as the dinosaur became extinct, hardware keyboards would eventually disappear from the face of Planet Earth. Count on it.

    The earlier these hardware folks wake up to this reality, the better for their cobra_shaped thumbs!

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