This post was inspired by the event I attended earlier today. Tech Bloggers Roundtable powered by Jumia-an interactive session between representatives of various OEM’s and

See what a typical Nigerian wants in a mobile phone

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This post was inspired by the event I attended earlier today. Tech Bloggers Roundtable powered by Jumia-an interactive session between representatives of various OEM’s and top tech bloggers. We took out time to access what a typical Nigerian wants from his mobile phone, and here was my humble opinion.

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By the term, ‘typical’ I mean, that dude in living in your neighborhood or area. Maybe educated or not, a worker or hustler in the street looking to earn his daily bread, probably with little or no prior knowledge in anything tech. You get my point now.

The very first port of call is the price. “Na how much?” is the typical question you get. If your device is not cheap or affordable (value for money), just forget it . Unless you plan to sell only small volumes of your product. Truth be told, the best sellers in this country are the cheap devices.

Sleek and beautiful:
Your phone has to be sleek and beautiful. Slim or anyhow you quantify it. A typical Nigerian man’s phone has to appeal to the eyes (at least to his own). Our ladies can also testify to this-No one wants to be seen (in public) carrying an ugly thick rectangular slab.

Gradually, people are starting to like taking pictures from their mobiles, so an OEM offering should at least give us decent pics before it can be deemed acceptable. If your phone can’t produce clear manageable pictures, just forget it.

Long Battery life:
People are really beginning to recognize the need for good battery life. The power situation here is not helping matters and thankfully OEM’s are responding to this. We have the likes of Gionee, Infinix, and Lenovo recently pushing out mobiles with 4000mAh and above.

After Sales Support:
An OEM should be able to provide reliable after sales support to cater for damages, and other related issues. After all, the phone (or its service) is enjoyed after the phone is purchased.

Finally, in my honest opinion, an OEM that manages to strike a balance between Price, Good Battery Life and Sleek Design, then you’ve just captured the heart of a typical Nigerian. I hope the OEM’s are seeing this.

  1. Bros..I have to disagree with you in one area..Gone are the days when almost everyone wanted a phone which looks beautiful to the eye.. Nowadays all guyzez want are phones with Insane hardware capabilities and software optimization…thats why tecno are loosing customers to innjoo and infinix…even on naira land the petition now is ” we want phones 2GB ram and above with 16mp camera.. 2GHz octacore prossesors with 5200Math battery

  2. @Collins…I will agree to those points made by Elroy while i disagree with the issue you raised on it.
    The percentage of people which i can term ‘learned’ (using my own word) who cares about specs as you rightly said are far less than those who doesnt care about any godamn specs on a phone.So far they receive calls,listen to radio.
    I discover that people love fine phones to carry about now not shapeless ones like in the days of old i.e 3310 etc.People now want a handy phone,slim and easy to move about with otherwise one will attract condemnation from people.

  3. The average guy on the Street doesn’t know all that stuff you’re talking about.
    #Just saying#

  4. The “typical” Nigerian that Elroy speaks of doesn’t care about octacore or dual core, 16GB of memory or the 2GB RAM. Those on Naira land are the exception.

    The average Nigerian, cares more about looks and battery life. Don’t know about camera as some people are quite happily clicking away with their 2 megapixels.

  5. ElRoy is speaking the mind of Nigerians
    @collins, my dad has been loving infinix hot note not because of specs but simply cos it is fine, sleek and big

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