When it comes to things made in Nigeria, it is very thrilling when one comes across a well thought out solutions such as Zoto app

How Zoto app for Android works for easy airtime recharge

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When it comes to things made in Nigeria, it is very thrilling when one comes across a well thought out solutions such as Zoto app for Mobile Recharge. This app claims to help you recharge your mobile line with support for the 4 major mobile network operators in Nigeria – MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat. We put this to test, and here are our findings.

First Impressions and User Interface

After installing the app, the first thing the app requires is to activate your line (similar to how it works on WhatsApp). You enter your correct phone number and hit the ‘Send’ button. A robo-call rings on your phone, then you proceed to enter your name, email address and your line is registered. After setting up my account, I was given N25 worth of Zoto Cash. This virtual cash reduces the amount you actually pay for any purchases. I will clarify this later.

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How Zoto app for Android works

The app itself has a very beautiful and well laid out user interface. The first page is where your registered phone number is displayed. Below that is a box where you enter the amount you want to recharge.

Zoto app Home (2)-horz

From the top left button, you can access a menu for several other options, while the right hand side links directly to a feedback page for reaching the support center. I like the simple concept applied here. Below that, you can access a quick tour guiding you on how to use the app.

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To recharge your phone is easy:

  • Simply enter the amount you want. Then click on Proceed.
  • You can then choose to use your Zoto cash to reduce the amount you end up paying.
  • Click on Continue, and proceed to enter your Master Card or Verve card details (you have the option to have your card details saved for ease of use or or enter them during each transaction).
  • After that, you choose either to use your hardware token, or OTP token, for authentication.
  • Next you enter your Zoto pin – this is a 4-digit number to further authenticate the transaction.
  • Your phone is credited instantly and you receive both SMS and email notifications from your bank and from Zoto. That’s all.

Other Features

You can also use the Zoto app to recharge other phone lines. Click on the “New + ” button to add as many numbers as you wish. Also, you can add multiple cards to make recharges from. The developers say the app employs multi-level security systems like the PCIDSS and Norton verification, as well as uses 128-bit SSL for all transactions. The app also provides an order history to show you all your transactions.


I love the way this Zoto app works. At first I was skeptical adding my credit card to such a service. But after the first transaction going through seamlessly, and the whole process taking just a couple of minutes. I think I’ve finally found an easy way to recharge my phone.

Zoto App Download

Check out Zoto Mobile Recharge App on Google Play Store HERE.

2018 Update: Zoto not working any more

Sometime during the year 2018, users began to report that Zoto app stopped working. Many of them reported having cash in the app – and they were unable to use it any more.

There has been no official statement from the developers and to all intents and purposes, the app is dead.

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