Seek Adventure App borrows from Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go was a huge hit last year. The viral game was able to do what many other mediums, including the doctor, largely failed to do: get people outside. All of a sudden, people were gathering in large groups in locations where they did not usually congregate. The aim of the game was to get people outdoors, and it was a rousing success. Now, other platforms are attempting to do something similar. Seek Adventure App plans to take things further than that. This app uses geo-location based gaming to engage users with their phones and the real world. Seek Adventure takes a step further by partnering with various real-world brands and companies to offer rewards through adventure.

The app works like a treasure hunt. When you open the Seek Adventure App, it gives you a map to find digital treasure chests filled with prizes. These prizes include cash, gift cards, TVs and so much more. Smaller chests would contain coins, which you could use to purchase keys for unlocking Rare, Epic and Legendary chests.Seek Adventure App

Now, to start unlocking chests all you need t do is go on a walk, ride or hike, just like you would with Pokémon Go. You will find chests scattered throughout neighborhoods and recreational centers like theme parks and ski resorts. When you get within 10 or 20 meters of a chest, you can tap on the chest and select Capture. Then you will need to use your phone to look for the chest. Once you find it, tap on the chest to reveal the prize. Currently, there are over 90 million digital chests worldwide, so there are many chances of winning some real rewards.

What makes Seek Adventure App stand out is the fact that it serves as a great marketing platform for meaningful consumer engagement. The current sponsors include Samsung, Universal Pictures, Cinemark, Blendtec and so on. Seek Adventure App is currently available for free for both Android and iOS devices.

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