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I enjoy good movies. A lot. Even better, I enjoy movies on the big screen more. The big screen, the group reactions, and the company of one or more friends simply make the movie experience better.

If you are a cinema buff like me, then you will appreciate a handy app on your mobile to check movie locations, listings and special deals; right? Right.

Enter SeeNeeMa

SeeNeeMa is a home-grown application that makes checking movie listings on the go a whole lot easier.

The user interface is neat and easy – anyone can use this app.

Launch it and the home screen presents you with options to check:

  • What’s Hot – currently showing movies
  • Coming Soon – upcoming movies
  • Cinema Info – listing of cinemas across the countyry
  • Movie Reviews – weekly movie reviews
  • Special Discounts – where you check which cinemas are offering special deals

SeeNeeMa-Currently Showing

That’s it. Simple. Net. Straightforward. Useful. Very.

Multi-Platform Too

Guess what? SeeNeeMa is available for several platforms, including:

  • Blackberry smartphones & PlayBook
  • Android 2.1 & above
  • iOS (still in development)
  • Java/J2ME
  • Mobile Web

SeeNeeMa-Cinema Listings

The version that I tested is the Android version, and it works as I have described in this review. It is possible that the different versions for other platforms work slightly different.


This one gets a 4-star rating from me. Why did I leave out one star? If the developers, Quadtech Mobile, can add a way to book movie tickets right on the app…. HALLELUJAH! 5 Stars promptly.

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  1. Despite Nokia and symbian presence In naija. I wonder why we dont ve a symbian app for this. Hmmm..smh…symbian is just being battered openly left right centre…

  2. its likely that the java version covers symbian.
    the north(excluding Abj) is still playing catch.Asa pyramid hotels just opened a ‘nollywood cenema’ at my location, a good start. Though we await for silverbird.

  3. Great app. Now this is one app in have been waiting for. Even if it were to be a paid app, I will buy.

    We need more of these local content on our various app markets.

  4. Please can you atleast post the app to a few android markets or give us a proper download link…I can’t get access and from what i have read it seem this can actually be ‘THAT APP’…please prove me right…


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