This prototype self-driving motorcycle by BMW is amazing

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We have been looking forward to this happening, and are glad to let you know that self-driving motorcycles are a thing. And guess who just made one – Big Daddy. Oops! We mean, BMW.

We have seen electric bikes already, but if there is one area that autonomous driving technology can make a big difference, it is in the area of motorcycle safety. And BMW has created a prototype self-driving motorcycle in order to use the new technology to make motor bikes safer.

BMW Motorrad is the auto company’s two-wheeler division, and they have released a video that showcases a BMW motorcycle cruising around a test track with no driver on it, leaning into turns, and braking all by itself. It is a spooky thing to watch. It almost feels like watching a motor bike ridden by a ghost.

The company says it has been working on the technology for over two years, but the goal is not self-driving bikes yet.

Instead, they are working to integrate dynamic control systems developed from the programme into their motorcycles to offer the safest riding experience on the roads.

As such, you will not be seeing a self-driving BMW motorcycle soon. Come on, self-driving cars are still a rarity, you know. So, for starters, BMW bikes will get safer. Much safer. And other brands will follow suit.

BMW Self-driving Motorcycle Video

Enjoy the demonstration video by BMW:

Interesting development it is; right? The future is certainly interesting.

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