The world’s first self-flying taxi to launch in Dubai this year

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Aided by technology, the modes of transportation we know today is changing drastically. Last week we heard of flying cars debuting this year. Today, we announce the world’s first self-flying taxis – the Ehang 184. This is a Chinese made self-flying drone. The government of Dubai plans to launch it as a taxi service, starting July this year.

Ehang 184

The Ehang 184 can carry only one passenger, (weighing not more than 100kg) over short distances. It has enough room to take a small suitcase. At full charge, it travels at the speed of 62 mph for 30 minutes. This drone has already completed 100 successful manned test flights. It is controlled remotely from the ground, while being powered with 4G mobile internet.

This is part of the country’s grand plan to make 25% of all passenger trips to be autonomous journeys by 2030.


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