Selfie Reloaded with TECNO Phantom Z

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Phantom Z

Until recently, front-facing cameras were not very important, and so no-one paid much attention to them. Then, the age of the selfie arrived. A selfie is a photograph that one takes of oneself, usually with a smartphone, and is then shared via social media.

Night Out

As selfies became an everyday affair, it became obvious that the front-facing camera on smartphones needed attention. Soon, the measly, low performance front-facing cameras on smartphones would need upgrading to take advantage of the new selfie craze. One manufacturer that quickly rose up to the challenge was TECNO. The result is the TECNO Phantom Z, a quad-core smartphone with an 8 megapixel front-facing camera with LED light, so selfies can now be taken in poorly lit and night environments.

Before now, front-facing cameras were useless in poor light or in the dark. The Phantom Z changes that, letting you take more detailed selfies even in the dark. Very few phones give you that.

Brilliant Display; Awesome Battery Life

What’s more? Viewing your selfies on the Phantom Z’s brilliant AMOLED display before sharing it to your social network is a pleasurable experience. And in case you missed the memo, battery life is often the Artchiles Heel of many smartphones when you are out partying. The is powered by a large 3030mAh battery, resulting in great battery life. It means you can go out partying and keep taking and sharing selfies without worrying about running out of juice.

Don’t forget the tastefully designed and crafted build of the Z. It is so easy to see why you should be carrying around a TECNO Phantom Z.

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