What to do before you sell old smartphones

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When you want to get a new smartphone, it makes sense that you might want to sell or give away your old phone. Note that you don’t necessarily need to sell old smartphones. You can give them to you friends and family, charities, or recycle them. Perhaps you can even come up with several things you can do with your old smartphone than just dumping it in the trash.

However, if you have decided to sell your phone off, here are some things you should do before doing so:

  1. Take out the SIM card: this should be the first thing you do when you decide to offload your phone. Before you do that, make sure you copy out all your contacts to the SIM card, and be sure that you have a backup elsewhere if you lose it. Now, if your phone has a SIM tray, you need to be super careful, else you might damage the SIM port.
  2. sell old smartphonesTake out the SD Card: if you have a microSD card on your phone, remove it. Some phones have the SD card slot beneath the battery cover. Others have the slot on the side of the phone. Note that you must have copied as many photos, videos, apps, music files and documents to your SD card before you unmount the SD card.
  3. Erase your data: This is the most important step. You should wipe your data from the phone before you let it go. There are two ways to do this. You can either go to Settings>Backup/Restore and restore the device to factory state, or you can do it with the hardware buttons. Make sure you have backed up your data outside the device before you do this.
  4. Clean the device: Once you have gotten rid of your data in the phone, you can clean up the body. This would rid it of some fingerprint marks and stains. You can also replace the battery cover and get a screen protector if you want to.
  5. Rebox it: This is an often overlooked part of the phone sale process. It makes your device look well taken care of if you can find as many things that came in the box as possible and put them back. Your buyer is more likely to pay a good sum for your phone if it looks great, you know.

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