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Anonymous messages are a great way to prank your friends. When you send one to a friend, the person spends loads of time trying to figure out who the sender is, and you can have a good laugh at their expense. However, not all text messaging platforms allow you to send texts anonymously. Here are a few apps and sites that help you send anonymous messages:

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Apps That Let You Send Anonymous Messages

  1. Snapchat: This is a popular camera app which people use to send short video clips and pictures that disappear shortly. You can use Snapchat to send anonymous messages to your friends. The only drawback is that it only allows 140 characters, and it is only allowed on Android.
  2. Mustache Anonymous Texting: you can use this app to send jokes and texts to your friends anonymously. It works well with tablets that do not have SIM cards. Note that the first 5 messages are free, then it charges you per text.
  3. Burble: Burble is described as a secure app that lets you share thoughts anonymously with anyone
  4. Yik Yak: This popular app allows you to send prank messages without disclosing who you are. It uses Location services though so you can communicate with people within your proximity.

Check for the above apps in your app store. There are other apps that let you send anonymous texts available in Google Play and the Apple store. You can run a search and give as many of them as possible a try.

Note that while sending texts anonymously is fun, sending inappropriate texts or abusive material is never acceptable. That should never be your intent or practice.

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