How to send a Group Direct Message on Twitter for Android

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Twitter android group dm

The Twitter app for Android had been updated to support the new group messaging feature, allowing you to send direct messages to up to 20 people at the same time. The new group DM feature is yet to hit Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones.

But if you rock an Android phone, you are good to go. It is really easy to use too. Here’s how:

  1. first make sure that you have updated your Twitter app: go to Google Play – My Apps – Select the app and hit the “Update” button, or just click here if you are reading this on your Android phone
  2. in your Twitter app, hit the “New Message” button
  3. begin to type out the first handle you want to include, and select it when it pops up. Repeat for all handles till you have them all selected
  4. hit the “Next” button and compose your message, send send
  5. when replies come in, respond the regular way

Have you used this new group DM feature yet? Do share your thoughts and any tips!

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