1. Voice The ubiquitous voice is what almost everyone uses their mobiles for. Being mobile means that your customers can speak with you whether you

Seven (7) or more ways your Mobile Phone can help your Business

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1. Voice
The ubiquitous voice is what almost everyone uses their mobiles for. Being mobile means that your customers can speak with you whether you are in the office or on the road. But you knew that already; didn’t you?

2. SMS
SMS (text messaging) can be a powerful tool in maintaining effective customer service. For example, SMS can be used to deliver instant notices to your clients and customers.

It can also be used to notify single customers of important issues should a need arise. SMS can be used to congratulate a client on his/her birthday or any other special day.

3. Mobile Internet
With a GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G connected phone or smartphone, you or your field workers can access information e.g. over Google or email round the clock and when on the move.

Mobile internet can also serve as your primary (or backup) internet connection at the office, seeing that bundle packages are now available at good costs.

Do transactions online, do social networking and more – all on the move.

4. Scheduling
Phones have served faithfully as efficient personal organisers for years. Most recent phones (even the low-tier ones) have built-in alarms, notes and calendars. Use them!

5. Grab Information
Record that business discussion in audio format. Or you are driving and see an inspiration scene; pull out your camera and take a snapshot, so you can have reference material later. The option of recording video is there as well.

6. Storage Media
With many phones having external memory card slots and potential card capacities of over 8GB, your phone can serve as a storage media. Use bluetooth, infrared or USB to store those documents or files for reference when you get back to your desk.

7. View and Edit Office Documents
Not only can you store your Powerpoint, Excel and Word files on your phone, many business phones and communicators come with MS Office viewers and/or editors. So, you don’t have to wait till you get to the office to review that document. keep busy while caught in the traffic.

As you can see, there’s much more to phones today than the average user considers. I once ran my entire business operation from a Nokia 9500 communicator and later an E61. And I had excellent results to show for it.

Honestly, its a possibility that I left something out, though I suspect that whatever it is would fall under one of the above categories.

Get smart with using your mobile phone. No point wasting the potentials of a device you spent that much on.


  1. You are right Yomi, you got it pretty much covered.

    As an entrepreneur on the move, you need not worry how business is doing when you are not in the office. With your mobile device, you can easily connect to chat keep your staff informed from time to time or have your email on the go to monitor your transactions.

    Business operations have suddenly become as simple as ABC. All we need to do is to get smart.

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