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A phablet, coined from a combination of the words phone and tablet, is a class of mobile device that sits between – yes, a smartphone and tablet. Whether it is for web browsing, documents reading and editing, or video watching, the phablet is the ultimate productivity smartphone – the uber smartphone. Think of a phablet as the modern equivalent of the Communicators of old. Great as the phablet may be for other uses, how do they square up for voice calls?

I believe it was just two days ago that I had a 15-minute phone call on the Nokia Lumia 1520. Halfway through the call, I had my arm aching slightly, and by the time I was through, I was very sure that I had grown some extra muscles on my biceps. I remember that I had the same issue with the Samsung Galaxy Note II and TECNO Phantom A3. As far as I am concerned, nobody should be holding a phablet to their ear for more than 5 minutes. Of course, we could argue that they make good muscle toning tools.

What has been your experience with using a phablet for telephone calls? Do you hold it to your head, use a wired headset or a Bluetooth earpiece? Do share!

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  1. To be sincere, even when using my first Android phone of just 3.2″, if I know before hand that a call is likely going to take up to 5 minutes I usually plug in my headset before initiating a call or maybe I could go ahead and pick a call while taking out my headset to plug in and continue with the conversation. I usually prefer to handle calls generally with headset when on the road anyway to reduce noise from the environment.

    My hand will ache if I should attempt taking a call with the 3.2″ phone for up to 15 minutes. The truth is that even holding your hand up to your ear for that long will cause it to ache and adding some weight to it, no matter how small can only worsen the experience.

  2. I am totally with Harry up there.

    /// As far as I am concerned, nobody should be holding a phablet to their ear for more than 5 minutes.///

    The muscle aching apart, I don’t think it’s wise to hold extended calls on ANY phone…while being held to the head.

    I have an Automation app , called AutoMagic. While a call is ongoing, whenever I hold the phone away from my head, it automatically switches to speakerphone mode.

    If I hold it back to my head , the speakerphone modem is deactivated…..only on Android, of course.

    (Tell me ANY other platform that allows an app like that. is it any surprise that the OS in front of all others is Android?)

    I have. never encouraged long conversations on phones. For people with Flappy Mouths, I’d rather send an email, sms, or chat via IM.

    So the six incher I use does not constitute a problem because of the size.

    There are also apps that can cut off a telephone conversation once it reaches the number.of.minutes you specify..That way, yappers can be discouraged too.

    we of.course.also have blacklist apps to.totally block the garrulous.ones, and avoid developing unwanted muscled biceps and triceps as well as an over_ fried brain ..

  3. Holding up your hand even without phone for 10 minutes will make your hand ache. Though it is true that adding weight to that would worsen the onset and intensity. Presently I use phablet as my only mobile device and on few occasions I’ve made calls of up to 30 minutes at a go.

  4. I agree. When I used the original Galaxy Note, I get tired of long phone calls.

    @eyebeekay what is the name and brand of your 6incher?

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