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Mobile number portability has been here for a little while now, and I know a few individuals who have ported or attempted porting. None of them have had a trouble-free experience. Jesse, whose porting from Airtel to Etisalat took eight days of going back and forth, has a few things to say. Besides the porting delay, till date (over two weeks later), he is still unable to receive SMS, as he states in this tweet:

Already, there are allegations of unethical practices on the part of the networks, and Jesse doesn’t find those far-fetched:

Gbenga Sesan is another early porter, and weeks after initiating the process, he still faces issues:

He also says:

One can only hope that these issues get resolved. Precedence suggests otherwise. Almost nothing gets fixed around here. Subscribers have been complaining of epileptic voice, SMS and internet services for years, and those are still here with us today. One finds it difficult to see how the issues with mobile number portability will go away anytime soon.

I haven’t attempted to port a number yet. There are enough things in Nigeria that are giving me a headache than to willfully add to that by attempting to port a line. No, thank you, kind sirs.

Still, it would be good to hear from more users who have attempted porting. What have your experiences been like? Do share!

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