Sharp Electronics might be getting new owners; Guess who?

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It is not surprising to hear that Sharp Electronics (once a giant) is suffering as a company. As at fiscal year ending March 2015, the Japanese company suffered a net loss of ¥222 billion (£1.34 billion). It also faces a March due date for repaying a total of ¥510 billion (£3 billion) in loans. Sad right?


As reported by Bloomberg, various companies are making bids to buy out the suffering electronics giant. The most notable suitor is Foxconn. Oh yes! The guys behind the making of the Blackberry Z3 and most recently, Apple iPhones.

You may ask, ”Why Sharp”? It appears Sharp makes and supplies LCD panels for a number of companies for use on devices like cameras and smartphones – Apple included. If the bid is accepted, this puts Foxconn in a very strong position


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  1. it could also be an avenue for Foxconn to enter the OEM space under a brand with name recognition

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