Shocking Photos!! See how this Power Bank set it’s owner on fire

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If Neo Rantele had been told his Power bank would literally catch fire on his body, he might have laughed it off as a joke. But then, this very thing happened to him.

On his Facebook page he shared his ordeal with pictures. The power bank in question suddenly caught fire and burnt through his trousers. He was lucky to escape with minor bruises on his thigh.Power

His status read thus:

I am still in shock. I was literally set alight and on fire by my power bank in my pocket. I said it in the morning.. I am with God and his favour. Could have been worse but luckily I escaped with a minor burn on my thigh. Guys be careful with these power banks with your cellphones. They literally catch fire.

This goes to teach us some lessons. Please do not use power banks close to your body like in pockets. You are better off with them in a bag.


  1. A couple of things came to mind, but then I went directly to Neo’s Facebook page to see the damage up close.

    He was wearing cotton trousers – I couldn’t tell from the pic here if it was that synthetic material trousers or not. Then, he had an extremely long USB cable – the advise when charging a device, especially with a USB cable from a power bank, is to use a shorter cable.

    I don’t think he realised that wearing so close to his body in the tropics would generate as much heat as it did, and he probably ignored any extra heating as the norm. Usually on a power bank, they tell you the maximum temperature the device can be exposed to.

  2. guys, guys, guys…. Na to buy marathon sure pass… but in other news, why do humans charge with power banks in their pockets? Na so their batteries useless reach or they need their batteries to always be full ni… mscheeww

  3. Ehis Ehis Ehis. It’s simple – people charge phones in their pockets because they still want to be able to use their phone whilst charging. Small charger, average sized pockets = charge device in pockets.

    Technically we’re not supposed to use our device whilst charging but none of us ever pay that much attention.

  4. itire… Africans do u hear? don’t charge and use phones… to be forearmed is to be forewarned *lol*

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