[Short Drama] The Grace – starring Mo and Gail

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Scene opens with Mo walking into a packed room. No-one notices him.

Mo: So nobody here missed me….

He gives everyone a cold side eye. One or two people smile and tell him how they missed him. The lady Gail rolls her eyes in his direction and then folds her arms across her chest.

Gail: We didn’t miss you. We were all busy saying ‘Grace’.

Mo: You wouldn’t miss me anyway, grace or no grace.

Gail: I may not have missed you, but you can ask me to sit on your laps.

Mo: Will you sit if I ask? I have things that I can teach you.

Gail: Will there be a pent house too…? I won’t even blog about it.

Mo: Perhaps, but I assure you, my lady, that there will be pent up things.

Gail: I accept this level of grace.

Mo: Then, let us enter the place.

Curtains close. The end. Or the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning.

To God be the glory.


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