The new Innjoo Max 3 is a step backwards

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Last week, Innjoo launched their latest line of products – The Innjoo Max series comprising of the the Innjoo Max 3 (3G), The Innjoo Max 3 (LTE) and the Innjoo Max 3 (Pro). These three phones have same design and share many other common parameters, but they have slightly different features. Let me highlight them:

  • The first has a faster 1.3 GHz processor but no 4G support.
  • The second has only 4G LTE as difference.
  • The third one has a higher 3 GB RAM, 32 GB inbuilt storage, autofocus on the selfie camera.

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It is natural for techies (like me) and other regulars to be excited about the new wife in town. But believe you me, a look at the specs sheet left a bitter taste in my mouth. I haven’t even seen the phone, but experience tells me this is not (enough) value for money.

A look at the specs sheet tells you that this phone carries a 6-inch screen with a 720p display and ppi of 244. This is a poor display for a screen of that size. You see a whitish tint on every color displayed on the screen. 

Also, at a time when we have been begging phone makers to go beyond 1.3Ghz for their processors, here we have two variants (the two more expensive ones) clocked at 1.0 Ghz. What?! Did Innjoo do that to cut costs? Or maybe to cut down on power consumption? A 6-inch “note” with a 1.0 GHz processor is an underpowered device.

This is 2016, and someone still launches a new device with Android Lollipop (even formerly criticized TECNO and Infinix don’t do this anymore). We see those other manufacturers producing phones with Android KitKat. We will get round to calling them out soon in another blog post. 

Furthermore, a tech blogger friend of ours complained that the Innjoo Max 3 is riddled with bugs and was quick to sell off his unit.

It is annoyingly clear to see that there are many cut corners. It is not as if customers have had a nice sweet ride with better powered Innjoo devices before now. How much more with these underpowered trio. In more ways than one, the Innjoo Max 3 series is a step in the wrong direction. That direction is backwards.


  1. It reminds me of the Injoo smart TV. I regret spending my money on it. Smart TV my foot.

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