In the wake of increasing co-ordinated protests around the country against the fuel subsidy removal, feelers are that the government of the Federal Republic Of

Shut Down BlackBerry Services, FG Tells Telcos?

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Shut down BB services
In the wake of increasing co-ordinated protests around the country against the fuel subsidy removal, feelers are that the government of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria have issued directives to mobile operators to shut down Blackberry services in the country.

Mobility blog has been unable to confirm this information, but the press is awash with it anyway.

If such a directive has indeed been given, it will appear that the Nigerian government are aware that mobile is mightier than the gun in today’s world. Mobile devices were critical to some of the well co-ordinated public protests in a number of countries in recent times, including the united Kingdom, Tunisia, and Egypt.

According to The Punch’s Twitter handle, protest organisers are asking Nigerians to download the CNN ireport apps from other phones and use those to send stories and pictures if BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) is shut tomorrow Tuesday.

Some protesters were arrested today in Abuja and kept in custody at the anti-robbery unit there.

Several more peaceful protests have been scheduled in major cities and towns across Nigeria for tomorrow.


  1. I laf tire so tee i no fit laf again… Our so called government is so clueless as to the happenings in our world. They for even shut down all the network sef… D.U.M.B heads!

  2. Like i said, we may need to bring the economy to a stand-still and refuse to buy the fuel.

    Subsidy removal is all shade of black and white but still, the Government refused to;
    -address the core problems in the Petroleum sector
    -provide buffers against the ensuing hardship before announcing their decision

  3. For over 3 hours, my blackberry Internet service is down. I even tried sending email to it from my iPhone but it never got delivered.

    The info seems true and this is unfortunate.

  4. For over 3 hours, my blackberry Internet service on MTN is down. I even tried sending email to it from my iPhone but it never got delivered.

    The info seems true and this is unfortunate.

  5. the government is oppressive. forcing an unpopular policy without assuring us of the effective usage of accruing funds won’t work. the main issues of refining for local consumption to bring down the prices are not been addressed. market forces will continue to attract more importers that want to make quick buck. no direct attention towards local refineries that will help reduce cost content.

  6. To tweet with sms:
    2 connect your account 2 your mobile
    number, send START or SIGNUP 2
    relevant shortcode: 40404 (Zain and
    MTN) or 20644 (Glo)
    You will be required to complete a one-time login with your
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  7. My people say that – anything that is beyond tears should be confronted with laughter.

    Watching the unfolding comedy with equanimity..

    Did you say, ‘serves us right’?

  8. Buhari would have been a safer bet as Nigeria’s President. President Jonathan appears clueless at best! I’m sad but it now appears he is determined to make Nigerians sufferings a major key point in his 2012 agenda.

    What was wrong in reducing fuel subsidy by only 10% in 2012 and phasing out fuel subsidy in 10 years time by a constant 10% decrease per year? That way, Nigerians can cushion the shock and programmes to alleviate the sufferings of the masses could be put down before the 10 years?!?

    Nigerians have no form of Social Security. Graduates without Jobs are on their own (OYO)! Mirthless babies or families without jobs have no reprieve whatever from the Government. Foreign companies can sack Nigerians any day at any whim and even maltreat Nigerians without any fear of retribution from the Government!

    The only money or “social security” the Nigerian Government spend on their masses is fuel subsidy. And that they now want to take back under false pretences!

    Yes, this is the country that ?e live in. With a clueless, slow-to-act, WICKED president.

    Please join me on Twitter as I stage a mass protest. We must do something, or this Evil Goodluck would “dabaru” our great and only country before his 4 years tenure is over!

    My Twitter handle is @dfewgoodmen. We should try to tweet with the handle #OccupyFuelSubsidy .

    Where we go from tomorrow, no one can say. But for sure, Nigeria is not owned by President Jonathan alone. So we should not seat back, fold our hands and just watch him destroy the only place we can call our home!!!!

  9. What’s going on now reminds me of Femi Kuti’s song!

    “I Sorry Sorry O!
    I sorry for Nigeria…”

    Politicians and Soldiers make Meeting
    To “Dabaru” our Country…..

  10. GEJ says he’s slow to act and takes calculated steps. while the Nigerian people strive to imbibe tenets of democracy which abhors truncatiom of government; i’m afraid if care is not taken, GEJ may just be on his way out

  11. Guys, this story can not be confirmed and in the eyes of the law is not true. Shutting bb services goes no where to quell an impending crises cos over 80% of mobile uses in nigeria dont use bb so pls lets confirm the story before crucifying the government.

  12. It’s a big disappointment seeing the kind of act being put together by our President. Deliberately punishing the people for no offense at all and now he is also trying to shut us up.

    Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of the end of this tyranny that is falsely labelled democracy in Nigeria. Funny enough every government in the world today employs this strategy of shutting their people up when they have an unpopular idea to force on their people.

  13. Government is jittery because they know what they have done. Anyway I beleive its just a passing phase. We shall get out of this sooner than expected because this is not real.

  14. this shit happens when we refuse to discuss the fondation of NIGERIA.we dont have a nation,what we have is a geopolitical intention,being controlled by the abuja tribe-the political class of which GEJ is the youngest member.
    Buhari would have been worse. GEJ is in deep shit,this i know!

  15. This government shaaaaaa!…. Dem no even get job again… Everybody day shout sey the silly subsidy no make sense, demand don forget Seychelles boko haram day threaten naija, demand forget sey education na whale, na Blackberry service demand con day point for…… Haba!

    I don’t even know where the so-call leaders are taking this great nation to. They’re even clueless this Time!

    Can’t just stop laughing over this shit they’re saying. They’d better concentrate on something that worth it!

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