Siemens SL45 review: Sleek business companion

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The Siemens SL45 looks like any normal phone, but don’t believe it. It comes equipped with an expandable memory slot. This means that you can insert a memory card of up to 64mb. That’s the disk space on some PCs I have seen at some of our business centres and cyber cafes :), so you must understand we are talking big time here. Unfortunately, I did not have it on me for long, and so could not put that large memory and the phone’s MP3 (yes!) capabilities through its paces.

Siemens SL45

Form Factor
Nice, small and comfortable to hold. It doesn’t look bad either with its silver finishing.

The display is large and has an amber backlight that dims first before going out completely after some moments of non-use. The display also supports wallpaper and animated images.

The keypad on the SL45 is okay. But you may have problems using the lowest set of keys – they are too close to the base of the phone. With my large fingers… hmn.

Battery Life
Battery life is fine. Under intense use, it gave a little over 2 days of time.

You can purchase a data cable for PC connectivity or use Infra-red.

Signal Reception
Ahem. The SL45 performed poorly in the low signal area I live. It did not once register on the network for the 2 days it was with me at that location. Moving into the city, it had no problems.

SMS here is fine. Predictive text input is one of the better ones I have used.

Siemens SL45 cards

Other features
A calendar. To do list. Calculator. Currency converter. You can create folders on the memory card, just like on your PC, and copy/move things in there. For example, you can have a folder for old received SMSs you do not want to discard; a folder for animations, another for downloaded ringtones etc, etc.

You can also load your favourite audio CD music from a PC on to the memory card and get to listen to it on the move. This feature appeals to me very much.

In addition, the phone has a help feature in the form of a pop-up that explains what the highlighted feature on the display does, Nifty, ey?

A pretty good phone. Me? Not quite my phone – poor signal handling and no GPRS are my personal qualms. But if you are not particular about such, go grab it. Consider especially the fact that its available now at some great prices.

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