Sigh. This HTC phone is a rip-off of the iPhone 6

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Apple fans must be tired of seeing Android manufacturers pulling off rip-offs of their darling iPhones. Samsung achieved some success with it – albeit short-lived. Xiaomi pulled it off as well. And let’s not mention the army of nameless brands (if that makes any sense) who ape Apple every year.

Well, if the new leaks about HTC’s upcoming 2015 flagship are anything to go by, HTC has been busy on a photocopier too. Have a look at a photo posted on Weibo:

HTC Aero iPhone 6

Is it the real thing? I have no idea. We shall have to wait and see. But good luck with all the blatant copying to whoever wants to give it a try.



  1. It is a world of clones. From human beings to smartphones to automobiles.

    Apple and those being imitated must be truly be flattered as they say “imitation is the best form of flattery”

    Sometimes, the difference between the original.and the clone is just the price, and the stamp.on the item *shrugs*

  2. HTC, how dare you? What a shameless rip off. I can not believe this..

    PS: I just switched to an iPhone as a secondary device so I’m being a rabid fanboy for the next…..24hours. I will likely be dumping the phone afterwards.

    Shame on you htc, just shame.

  3. The Samsung Galaxy 6 looks like an iPhone 6 rip off, so if HTC has done so, they’re not the only one.

    Let’s wait and see when it’s released, as HTCs tend to have a distinct look about them.

  4. Heard from Phonearena the purported phone is a FAKE,nothing to do with any HTC upcoming phone..

  5. This phone is not in any way real.

    I really doubt HTC will go this length, even as they are currently experiencing difficult times

  6. Apple stole concept design from LUMIA 925 for its IPHONE6. Now they are stealing the multitasking concept on Windows tablet on the yet to release IPAD ( BIGGER IPHONE?)

  7. bants aside, that device lacks the finesse to be a HTC device, it looks like a cheap iPhone clone. HTC devices are svelte, I’m sure they wouldn’t throw away their design logic and hardware manufacturing abilities at the same time

  8. Uncle, it’s not real and am sure u know it. If any one is stealing or apping, it’s Apple. U know am fan of both phones/brands more of an Apple fan than even HTC.

    HTC came out with this design first with their M7 and improved on it with the M8, the M9 is also not different from it.

    IPhone6 looks more like the M8, and ofcus, Apple will only modify it. M7 came out in 2013, and followed by M8 in 2014, iPhone 6 came out in 2015, so, if u follow trend who is stealing?

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