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Did you know? Google doesn’t give African Developers the opportunity to monetize their apps on Google Play Store. I was actually surprised to learn that only developers from Nigeria and Egypt are allowed to own merchant accounts. You can imagine – developers from South Africa, Kenya and other tech budding nations can’t monetize their apps.African-Developers-help

You can check out the full list of supported locations HERE. Meanwhile, a developer from Zimbabwe, Gideon Moyo have set up a petition page to help tackle this situation. You can help effect change by signing this petition too.

As at 2nd of January 2016, a software developer from Zimbabwe wrote to Google asking if he can open a Google Merchant Payments Account. Below is the response from a Google rep:

Hello Greg,

Thank you for contacting the Google Payments Merchant Team.

We appreciate your interest in Google Payments Merchant Center however, sign up is not available in Zimbabwe or South Africa. We’re looking to enable new seller countries all the time, but cannot provide any specific timelines for when your country will be available. Please refer to this link for the complete list of countries we currently support.

For the meantime, we can only publish free apps in Zimbabwe and South Africa. We’re working on having Google Payments Merchant Center widely available so please look forward to our future updates.
Thank you again for your continued support. Have a nice day!

Kind regards,

The Google Payments Merchant Team

This is quite a sad situation. To sign this petition, follow the page HERE.


  1. I’m surprised, especially as Google wants to push Android as a suitsble OS to the developing world, but want to deny developers in Africa from monetising their apps.

    So am I to assume Africa is good for Google to make money from, and to help developers in other regions to make money at Africa’s expense? Sounds like a very one-sided relationship.

  2. sounds like you’re jumping to the wrong conclusion. Google gets a cut of premium app charges, so they’re losing potential revenue with this situation. question you should be asking is why the Google Payments Merchant Center isn’t available to these countries

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