Here are signs that your car needs proper tire alignment

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It is important to keep your car tires properly aligned as much as possible. This is because poor tire alignment can decrease your MPG, make your wheels work against each other, and cause bad tread wear patterns on your tires, thus causing your tires to wear out. Fortunately, there are ways to know when tire alignment is due in your vehicle:


If one of your tires shows a much different wear pattern than its opposite, it’s most likely that it’s time for a tire alignment.tire alignment


If a vehicle’s wheels are badly out of alignment, you will notice the vehicle will automatically try to turn to one side. If you find yourself having to wrestle with the wheel, then it is time to re-align the tires so they all point in the right direction.


With a lesser alignment problem, the vehicle may not actively pull. However, when you let the car go straight ahead without holding on to the steering wheel, the car might drift to one direction. This is a sign of bad alignment.


The steering wheel might be crooked while the car is going straight ahead. This is a sign of alignment problem. Keep an eye out for a crooked steering wheel while you drive.


Bad tire alignment can cause vibration, as the wheels pull against each other. if your car shakes when you drive, check your alignment.

Proper tire alignment is very important on a vehicle, as if your tires are not properly aligned it could cause serious problems for your car. Here are some benefits of proper tire alignment:

  • It aids tire rotation and helps maintain the treads n the tires.
  • It satisfies warranty requirements: Some tires carry a warranty that includes a requirement to get periodic alignments. You could lose this warranty if you don’t align your tires properly.
  • It improves handling, as a car with proper wheel alignment is easier to drive.
  • It reduces wear on steering column. In some extreme cases, a vehicle out of alignment can shake parts and cause more deterioration. It is safer to do periodic alignments to avoid car systems being jolted around.
  • It improves gas mileage, as badly aligned tires cause the car to burn more fuel than necessary to keep its trajectory.

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