5 signs of radiator failure in your car

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The radiator is an important part of your car’s cooling system. To keep the temperature of the car low, the radiator fan blows air across some tubes which contain hot coolant fluid. If something goes wrong with the cooling system, then your car would overheat, which is bad for the engine. Here are some signs of radiator failure in your car


Coolant is often identified by the bright green color and the sweet smell. If your car’s coolant system is leaking, some of the fluid will leak out to the floor under your car. Once you spot the leak, make sure you have it checked out by a mechanic.Car radiator failure


If the cooling system has a tiny leak, it could spray some coolant all over the hot arts of the motor. When it lands on the hot surface, it boils off, taking some paint with it. This will lead to discolored spots under the hood of your car, which could rust easily.


If you notice white smoke coming from your car’s rear, there’s a good chance that it is because of radiator failure. There could be a problem with the car’s engine block that allows coolant to be burnt up in the combustion chamber. This needs to be checked out as soon as possible, as it puts your engine at risk of overheating.


Always make sure the temperature gauge on your dashboard is working. When the needle points to the red zone, you should pull over and inspect your engine. There could be a lot of reasons for the overheating, one of which could be radiator failure.


If you notice smoke pouring from your bonnet, pull over as soon as possible. This is usually a sign that your car is seriously overheating, and if the engine continues running it could lead to something worse.

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