Singapore’s Mobile Market: A Quick Overview for Travellers

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Whether you are travelling to Singapore for business or pleasure, it is a good move to understand upfront the realities on ground, especially with regards telecommunications. That way, you can plan ahead and make informed decisions with regards getting connected when you arrive. This article gives you a quick look at Singapore’s Mobile Market.

Introduction to Singapore’s Mobile Market

Singapore has a very matured mobile market. It was one of the first in the world to deploy 4G LTE services. Singapore’s first 4G network was launched in 2011. Since then, 4G services have been rolled out by all mobile operators active in the country.

According to OpenSignal, Singapore is currently the fastest 4G country in the world, with an average 4G LTE connection speed of 44.3 Mbps. In a 2018 report, Singapore topped the list of 88 countries. An earlier report by OpenSignal says that 4G LTE speeds globally had peaked at 45Mbps.

Telecom Operators in Singapore

The country has three mobile network operators, namely:

  • Singtel Mobile
  • StarHub
  • M1

All three above operators have operational 4G LTE networks.

Virtual Network Operators In Singapore

In addition to the above mobile network operators, Singapore also has a number of virtual network operators (MVNO). These are operators who piggyback on the infrastructure and services of mobile operators.

  • Circles.Life (MVNO riding on M1 network)
  • Zero (MVNO riding on Singtel network)
  • Zero1 (MVNO riding on Singtel network)
  • MyRepublic (MVNO riding on StarHub network)
  • TPG Telecom (scheduled to commence operations in second half of 2018)

4G LTE Frequency Bands In Singapore

Mobile network operators in Singapore use the frequency bands 1800 and 2600 to deploy 4G services to consumers. So, if you are visiting the country and are looking to use 4G services while there, be sure to go with a compatible smartphone.

Do not forget though that data roaming tariffs are usually high and often to be avoided for most tasks, so it is often a good idea to pick up a local SIM card on arrival and subscribe to data from one of the above-listed mobile network operators or virtual network operators.

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