Singles’ Day: Xiaomi sells 0.7m devices (nets $163M) sales half-day

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Xiaomi Mi4

Happy days continue at Xiaomi. Singles’ Day is the largest online shopping day in China (and also on the planet). Here is what TechCrunch reports about Xiaomi has fared half way through the day:

Xiaomi — the smartphone-maker getting a lot of attention right now — has also been busy. Xiaomi set its own sales record today with more than $163 million (¥1 billion) in revenue by midday.

Behind the sales numbers, Xiaomi said it had sold some 720,000 units by midday. Of that figure, around 250,000 were its flagship $300 Mi4 device, with 460,000 units of its $150 Redmi device snapped up. In addition, it says it sold 25,000 of its Mi TVs.

As the British would say, not too shabby.


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