Sir Richard Branson's Essentials

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Richard Branson's Essentials

Richard Branson is a well known name in business. He sits atop the Virgin Group globally. Yet, it is reported that his essentials “remain intimate and minimal, keeping his emphasis on business and personal care at the forefront of his creative canvas, free from clutter and finicky trends.”

His daily essentials are pictured above. My interest is in that BlackBerry 9320 (that’s a 9320; right?) in the picture. That’s his primary smartphone? Talk about minimalist. I thought I was minimalist.

Source: Essentials: Sir Richard Branson


  1. At the end of the day we find out that we are just adding more problems to ourselves by wanting to be modern and trendy, the truth is minimalism ruLes #teamblackberry

  2. That looks like a BB 9720, definitely not a 9320 Mr Mo (will bet Eyebeekay’s pinky finger on it).

    For me: My Galaxy note (need my ebooks), Debit Card, wrist watch, earphone and PSP and yeah, i should be set

  3. (will bet Eyebeekay’s pinky finger on it).

    Khene, what’s a pinky finger…? # carefully aims verbal bazookas

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