I’m almost certain that most of you know Siri by now. Hate her or love her, she’s here to stay. Sadly, as it is the

Siri, Meet Evi

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I’m almost certain that most of you know Siri by now. Hate her or love her, she’s here to stay. Sadly, as it is the usual with Apple, you can’t have Siri on any device except the iPhone 4S (not even the new iPad) unless you’re jailbroken and install a siriproxy tweak in cydia.

Not to worry though, there are a few Siri alternatives that are worth trying if you own a device that doesn’t support the real thing but still want that voice command goodness. The best I’ve seen so far is Evi.

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She’s so good, sometimes she even assists better than Siri does. The best part is, she is compatible with virtually all iPhones and iPads, so you don’t need to own an iPhone 4S to use Evi. There’s even an Android version of Evi, so all Android geeks can test it out if they so please. You don’t need to be jailbroken either. It will cost you $0.99 to have this app on your idevice but free for android users (Don’t ask me why). I’ll let the screenshots do the talking.

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  1. In as far as i have began to have a crunch on iphone, i dont like this issue of jailbreaking to enjoy a simple feature.I mean ,are iphone users prisoners?! Liberate urselves is a free world…Dont pay for imprisonment.

  2. Not sure why it’s free on Android either but I ended up having to download a 5mb text-to-speech app in addition to the Evi application.

    Decided to ask it a simple question like…”what is the capital of Nigeria?”. It took a while, so decided to throw in another question like “where is Nigeria”. The time it took for me to get a response I could have made myself a cup of tea and probably made and eaten some Gari. Once I got past the initial questions it seemed to work quicker with subsequent questions.

    It’s not rated very highly in the Google Play store but it’s an interesting concept. That roving Cyclops eye is a bit creepy though.

  3. @Abubakar: I totally understand your frustrations with Jailbreaking. However, you do not need to be jailbroken to use evi.

  4. Ayo, thanks for pointing this app out. I am actually in love with Siri. In fact it was the mere fact that Siri wasn’t present on the new iPad that I passed it over. I’m now waiting fie the iPad 4 or any other worthy Android tablet replacement.

    Now, back to the meat of the discussion! I shall download Evi immediately and give it a spin. I just hope it is a good Siri alternative! Sad that it will cost me on iOS and then it’s free on Android. *Sigh*

  5. Been using evi for some months now on my android. Great app. It’s fun to use. It’s response will only be delayed if you have a terrible network. Yes, it uses data but very little though. I have asked it several questions and they all came back with correct answer. If cannot get a precise answer, it will redirect you to selected sites for further clarification.
    @Ayo, which do you prefer, the Siri or Evi?

  6. @Afewgoodmen: it is a generally known fact that iOS users tend to spend more money on their devices than android users. Perhaps that’s why the developers are capitalizing on the “Apple” markets and making the app free for android users. I still think its unfair.
    @belushi: I think I still prefer Siri to Evi. Although Evi sometimes delivers better than Siri. But Siri has more swag

  7. @Ayo – what a smart app developer will do with the Android is to create a “lite” limited version and “paid” version of the app.

    If the app is ad-free (which as far as I’m concerned is “unpaid”) then I would be suspicious as to what information is being leaked about me to support this “free” app.

    Or, maybe it’s easier to create a free app on Android than for iOS?

    @belushi – the initial responses from Evi were slow and my network was fine. After the initial lag it was quite responsive afterwards.

  8. For the blackberry and Symbian users, an alternative presents itself with vlingo assistant. Try to check your respective app stores for Vlingo, there’s both the paid and free versions. You should try it

  9. The only problem with evi is recognizing our eba filled voice and pronunciation.

  10. @belushi – lol.

    Evi made it very clear that it could only reply to questions that were facts. So I asked a few factual questions and they seemed a bit too complicated for Evi – one wasn’t answered at all. Guess you have to keep it simple.

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