I can see that some Android readers have started tagging the Siri software as an expensive play device. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble.


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I can see that some Android readers have started tagging the Siri software as an expensive play device. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It’s a little more than that.

I personally would love for Android devices to have a fair chance as the competition in this case would make the product (Siri) even better. It’s not so much as what it does right now that makes it amazing, but the possibilities! It effectively blends between work and play so well that I tend to get the feel that I’m talking to a real person.

As for the data usage over the past 2 days, I have been consciously trying to monitor my data usage via Siri, and I have concluded that it’s probably as much as checking your Facebook wall – not that significant.

Over the past 2 days, Siri has consumed roughly about 7MB of data. I can live with that. I also have asked questions that some users requested below. The first few screenshots are from when I was doing some work with Siri. The latter ones are from my playtime. Feel free to ignore the latter if you’re inclined to work round the clock.

IMG 0124

IMG 0126

IMG 0127

IMG 0156

IMG 0134

IMG 0150

IMG 0157

IMG 0159

IMG 01711

IMG 0164

IMG 0149

IMG 0160

IMG 0154

IMG 0115

IMG 0117

IMG 0120

IMG 0167

IMG 0168

IMG 0176

IMG 0170

See why I love Siri?


  1. Siri can actually do some real work. similar features are going to emerge from other platforms soon. Server assisted technology seems like the way to go with most things now. That simply calculation is probably pulled from Wolfram Alpha.

  2. @Harry: you’re right. It does pull up the calculations from wolfram alpha. It would seem that this is new turf for mobile technologies. Thanks for the comment.

  3. The Truth be told, Siri is both a companion, a friend, a slave and and a personal digital assistant. Not because you can play with siri doesnt mean thst you cannot get serious work done.

    Like setting an alarm with sleepy eyes for instance. Isn’t it enough to just say; “Wake me up by 6am” than unlocking your phone, delve into the menu and then “manually” setting the slarm yourself?

    Next, I do not buy the idea that Siri is just server-oriented and that it has nothing to do with the phone. Yes, there is some server part quite alright, but Siri is also an app or software in the iPhone 4s itself and fully integrated into the OS. If you ask Siri to call Daddy for instance, Siri needs to check your phone book and select dad before calling! That isn’t a server featured, is it? The Server does not have your Dad’s number. Dad’s number is in your phone!

    I strongly subscribe to the idea that Apple just wants to monitor Siri for a while. And also, since it is still in BETA, to study the questions and feedbacks of how individuals use & relate with Siri. I’m sure that when Siri is fully matured and comes out of beta, the server end may need to be eliminated altogether except for the special rare instances.

    Now, for the conspiracy theory part; Does Siri not remind you of Skynet? Terminator? Any doomsday conspiracy, anyone? Any iRobot scenario ala Will Smith?

    Just kidding. But suffice to say that Ayo has made an iPhone 4s believer out of me. And it’s just a matter of time before I get one! I really love Siri!

  4. siri is just pure intelligence. I was watching Piers Morgan tonight talking about Steve Jobs and can really understand why people like Steve Jobs can come up with such brilliant idea like Siri . It is the spirit of apple doing things exceptionally well.

  5. @Afew good men Yuour dad’s number is definitely not stored on apples server but apple’s server is what does the work of intterpreting what you said and translating it to an action that siri carries out.

  6. My favorite question

    User; Will you marry me
    Siri; My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies.

    I also like the fact that Siri renders a dictionary useless.

    Siri is like an app that makes other apps redundant.

  7. Siri:::: Dear user, i picked a sensor of low lettuce in your ifridge!
    Should i initiate a call to the igrocerry store!
    Thank you

    Ak::: Abeg check my credit balance on phone before u call o, else i brk u into pieces


    Thats d future i see
    Welldone AY!

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