Yesterday, a friend said to me, “For me, Android is better experienced on bigger screens…phablets and tablets.” He is selling off his 5-inch Android smartphone.

Size Matters: A tale of two friends and Android OS

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Size and Usability

Yesterday, a friend said to me, “For me, Android is better experienced on bigger screens…phablets and tablets.” He is selling off his 5-inch Android smartphone. It is too small for him. Typing on it is a chore and he will be sticking to a hardware QWERTY BlackBerry till further notice. Yet, that same size just seems optimal for me.

I can see the benefits of a large screen smartphone, and I have come to love the few that I have used, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the TECNO Phantom A3. But till date, I still struggle to get comfortable with them in everyday scenarios. They just feel too large. For me. Yes; for me. It is a very subjective matter. I know a lot of other people who want those devices because they are that large.

Every time I put a phablet to my head to make a phone call….oh well. Or when I have to use two hands to type and execute a number of other tasks… That just doesn’t fit into what I consider my normal usage pattern. Otherwise, they are superb devices in every other way.

Here is the funny thing: I agree 100% with my friend that Android is best experienced on bigger screens. Well, Windows Phone OS too. And BlackBerry 10. Sighhhhh… The truth is that modern smartphone platforms are designed to be enjoyed best on larger displays.

So, here we are. Both of us are agreed on the premise, yet we differ in our preference of sizes. My friend wants larger. I want something a little smaller. Life is a pot of burnt beans, truly.

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  1. Life is a pot of burnt beans, truly.


    Yes, I think the bigger the better, up to a point o.

    Rather than Lodge a smartphone and tablet about (clutter makes for an untidy mind), a single device that would serve the two purposes would be ideal.

    It should be big enough to almost creep into Tablet territory, and and small enough not to cause jaw_dropping in onlookers… say 6 inches.

    I hasten to add that the size would also be a function of the size of your noggin. With my big head, I think six inches should be the best of both worlds. About the size of a paperback novel.

  2. I was sceptical about large screen size at a point but having used a 5 incher for close to a year now, I simply know that none of my primary device will ever be less than 5″ in size Hong forward. I’ve also played with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Tecno Phantom A3 and other devices in the range of between 5.5″ to 6″ and the experience is simply good and yes if the price is good, my next smartphone will most likely not be less than 5.5″ in size.

    The only area I ever worry about these days is just how pocketable the device is. If it can go into my pocket without causing discomfort, then I will most likely not have problem with its size.

  3. I got tired of muscling my Note 1 (5.3′), went back to my T989 S2 (4.5′)….lasted less than 2weeks. These days I’m cool with my bold 6 and Note 10.1. All the “in-betweeners” apparently aren’t for me and I seem to be old school because I prefer my hardware qwerty to dragging my fingers on a large screen like a crazed infant.

  4. The first time I came face to face with Galaxy Note, my first impression was “Wao! It’s big!!” However, the features of galaxy Note 2 were enough to push me into getting one. Having used it for sometime, I can never go back to using a phone whose screen is less than 5.5″

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