SkyBuds: Challenger to Apple AirPods, but not quite

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The Apple AirPods took the market by storm a few months. Now, there are lots of competitors in the wireless earphone market, along with imitations and cheap knockoffs. However, some of the competitors hold their own favorably against the AirPods. Alpha Audiotronics’ SkyBuds are among that last category, more so in terms of performance than design.

SkyBuds actually produce great sound, according to reports. The earphones come with digital processing, with which you can get a rich, amazing sound experience. The earphones are also bass-heavy, but the bass does not obstruct the finer details of your music. This is a step up from most other wireless earphones that have difficulty reproducing great sound due to the wireless connection.SkyBuds

When it comes to wireless connection, the SkyBuds hold up favorably. The earphones are not completely without signal interruption, but these interruptions are less frequent than that of some other brands. The only issue is that the device tends to lose signal when out of the line of sight from the connected Bluetooth device.

The biggest challenge of the SkyBuds, however, is competing with the Apple AirPods. The AirPods have their shortcomings, but they cost less than the SkyBuds and are more comfortable to wear, according to some people. However, SkyBuds have the advantage in noisier environments. This is partly because of the Awareness mode, which allows you to have conversations with people while having the earphones in your ears. This is achieved by opening up the microphones in each bud to the outside world.

Now, the AirPods have a nice case for carrying them. However, the SkyBuds have a much nicer-looking case. Wireless earphones are only as good as the case they come with, and this device’s case is great. it is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, and it has a battery that can recharge the earphones about six times over, a total of around 24 hours of charge.SkyBuds case

The SkyBuds cost more than the AirPods, but compared to most other wireless earphones, it is a good bargain. The AirPods are a better choice, but you would find these amazing too.


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