Skyfire cuts off most countries

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skyfireMobile Royale reports that Skyfire sent out a notice to the effect that their proxy-based browser will be focused on only Canada, United States and United Kingdom for now.

As such, they are cutting off the rest of the world. I have not been a big fan of Skyfire, but this is bad news for lots of mobile web users.

An excerpt from the mail reportedly sent by the Skyfire team:

As, of July 1st, 2010 Skyfire will no longer be providing service in your country for the windows mobile and symbian browser. In order to offer the best possible service level for our officially supported customers and countries , Skyfire is consolidating the countries in which it operates. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you have enjoyed the Skyfire will work on your phone until July 1st 2010,at which time the service will be de-activated and your browser will no longer function.


  1. Will gladly delete it from my phones. Its been a pain using it on my winmo and using it on my 5800 without a data plan is punching holes in my pocket.

    Good ridiance to a bad rubbish.

  2. No wonder skyfire wouldn’t fire two days ago. So angry i deleted the stuff. I would’t miss it though. Teashark, opera and co will more than fill the gap.

  3. @deoladoctor, I also uninstalled Skyfire after the version 1.5.
    The browser is really good. The page rendering is pleasing to the eye. But being server-based, it simply doors not work consistently.
    The same problem plagues Opera (to a far lesser extent), Bolt and UcWeb )which I feel has the greatest potential of dethroning the great Opera mini).

    Once these server-based browsers are able to upgrade their server capacity to match the load, then the competition in the mobile broader arena will readily catch fire.
    Skyfire, like Arnold Schwarrzennegger, will be back – for all. At least I pray so..

  4. I have never been a fan of Skyfire. I usually install it to run tests, then delete it (or simply forget about it). The way it works and renders pages just didn’t cut it for me.

  5. Blessing in disguise.

    I only tried it once and uninstalled it.

    Opera for Mobile.
    Firefox for Web.

  6. update

    Just for want of something to do, I reinstalled skyfire yesterday and fired it up. It worked. I am not a fan so I might just delete it again.

  7. That is good.

    This is what i call last respect for something that is about to die.

    Lets hope it will resurrect.

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