Skyfire is the proxy-based browser that delivers rich multimedia experience on smartphones across a range of platforms. The developers have announced that they are phasing

Skyfire ditches Windows Mobile and Symbian

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skyfire 1.5 logoSkyfire is the proxy-based browser that delivers rich multimedia experience on smartphones across a range of platforms. The developers have announced that they are phasing out service to Windows mobile and Symbian.

From the Skyfire blog, Retirement of Legacy 1.0 Product:

we are announcing that we will complete the phase out of our legacy v1.0 product on Windows Mobile and Symbian on December 31st, 2010 for remaining countries. This two-year old product used a “proxy browser” approach which is no longer our vision. It was a revolutionary product when introduced and offered for free, but the fast-moving mobile market has changed significantly since 2007, and as a small tech start-up, we need to keep innovating forward.

Our new 2.0 product is built for the next generation of smartphones and tablets with full support for html5, offline browsing, javascript, WebKit, and full-screen video. The 2.0 architecture is exponentially more data efficient as well, and better fits the technology roadmaps of our B2B customers (wireless carriers and handset makers).

We do expect to bring Skyfire 2.0 to additional platforms, and have begun discussions with some carriers and OEMs to decide which will be our next OS. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s MeeGo platform are both shaping up as platforms with a lot of potential and the recent launch of the new Blackberry OS 6 with a WebKit browser core makes for interesting potential for a future release of Skyfire 2.0. We value feedback from our users, so please let us know what platform you would like to see Skyfire on next and just as importantly let your wireless carrier know that you want Skyfire!


  1. Pity. Skyfire showed so much promise. I used it briefly on Symbian and rather liked it.
    When they discontinued service tooo some parts of thet world (Nigeria inclusive), i thought they would come back stronger and rejuvenated.

    Well, I wish themsuccess in their new businesses strategy (which appears hazy to me at percent)

  2. cant say they will be missed, I think they dropped support no these platform because of lack of use. I mean who they uses skyfire. It’s opera mini all d way

  3. MartinKem >> “I mean who uses skyfire. It’s opera mini all d way”

    Competition always brings out the best in any sector.
    Without competitors to keep you perpetually keep you on your toes, you may not continually innovate and strive to improve on your service/product.

    Look @ the manner MicroSoft has been rendered un-newsworthy by the the “New Boys On The Block”. Competition!

    Uc Browser is a mobile browser that needs to be watched carefully by the Opera Minis of this world.

    My New Year resolution? UC Browser will overthrow Opera Mini (globally) as the mobile browser of choice.

    If my prediction turns out to be wrong, it shall not be the first (or last) time New Year predictions have turned out to be totally off the mark!
    I shall borrow the Okonzua style and remain undeterred!

    Seriously, with Skyfire saying they want to dumpth e proxy server approach- and simultaneously claiming their new method will be exponentially faster ay webpage delivery – it remains to be seen if this is not just a sneeze in a thunderstorm!

    Speed apart, data compression rate nko? compression rate is one of the chief determinant of the speed of page loads.

    Maybe we are on the dawn of a landmark breakthrough in mobile browser technology – courtesy of the FireInTheSky folks….

  4. @eyebeekay is the uc browser u r using the java or symbian version, and whats the compression ratio like

  5. By the way, Uc browser version 7.5 (beta) has been released.

    Am posting this with it.

    Still trying to see the difference (not much as fast as i can tell -so far)

  6. I have never been a big fan of Skyfire. While good with multimedia, text rendering was annoying to me. I use Skyfire only when the built-in browser is really rubbish and no alternatives that meet my needs are present.

    They won’t be missed much on Symbian.

  7. My hubble telescope could not find skyfire in my galaxy. Ucweb browser is my favorite because of its download manager
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