Skype 5.0 for Android also helps in finding friends contact

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Skype for Android

If you use WhatsApp or Facebook app, then you would know how easy it is to find friends on your contacts through the app. This is exactly how the new Skype 5.0 for Android works.

With the new Skype 5.0, users will be able to find friends/people who also use Skype on their phone’s contacts list and the app will periodically update itself in case you add new contacts to your list. When you download the app, in some months from now you would be prompted to verify your phone number before you can start enjoying this feature so you will need to exercise some patience. If you use a Microsoft account to sign in, the feature will automatically connect you to people in your address book who also use Microsoft services like Outlook or Windows 8.

However, you can decide if you want this feature enabled or not through the settings. Which means you can decide if you automatically want contacts from your phone to be added to your Skype address list or not and you can be rest assured of your number’s privacy as it will not be visible to the public on your Skype profile. You can also remove your phone number if you don’t want people to find you through it.

The new app update will be available to other mobile OS users in the coming month.

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