Skype and power consumption on Windows Phone

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Yesterday, I got Big Red updated to Windows Phone 8.1. The update is such a huge improvement for the platform. One of the features it brings is Battery Saver, an app that helps you better manage juice on your Windows Phone smartphone. Below is a screenshot of Battery Saver from Big Red:

Big Red Battery Saver

See how the power consumption of Skype is so much more than other apps? Guess what makes it more interesting: I barely ever touch the Skype app. While I am logged in to it, it just stays in the background. I barely ever get any Skype messages either. Yet, sitting down there in idle mode, it is the largest power guzzler by far. What?

I use the browser, Twitter and Photo apps the most. Very consistently, as a matter of fact. Yet look at their power consumption against Skype’s. All put together, the three do not even get close to the damage that Skype is doing. That’s just pure evil. But no wahala. I have now disallowed Skype from running in the background any longer, as the screenshot shows. Enough is enough. No more wastage.


  1. Having Skype be the biggest power guzzler on Windows Phone is like having BBM be the biggest consuming app on a BlackBerry

  2. When you are on a Toddler Platform, you can only get puerile performance.

    A dormant app crunching on battery aggressively? Hian!

  3. Curious!
    After reading this article, I took a look at my ‘battery saver’ to confirm that skype was indeed the judas among my disciples. If so I was fully prepared to uninstall the damn thing if need be.

    Suprisingly, the list of apps showed skype sitting quietly way down the list at No. 20??!!??

    Like Mister Mo I didnt block it in the backgound and I almost never use it. So, I dont know why we both have completely different results. It could be anything, I guess. It could even be Mister Mo’s skype is a special version MS made just for him or, god forbid, maybe NSA is using it to spy on him.

  4. It could even be Mister Mo’s skype is a special version MS made just for him or, god forbid, maybe NSA is using it to spy on him.

    LOL. Now, that’s a thought!

  5. I had similar issue with BBM on Android when it was newly introduced. I barely use it or even get real messages from the damn app apart from those totally useless gossipy feeds from the few BBM contacts that I had like the music they are listening to or the constant changing of DP, etc. WhatsApp was the main app that I used to connect with people, send numerous messages and share media files and yet BBM was competing with WhatsApp in data consumption and drains batteries too. I simply uninstalled it when BlackBerry weren’t coming up with solution for the app.

    I just don’t get it, some apps are just poorly made but I think BBM’s problem on Android is more forgivable given that BlackBerry are still learning the modern way of doing things on a platform that’s alien to their style but this issue with Skype on Windows Phone is simply bad, but as someone already said, it could be a problem peculiar to Mr. Mo’s device.

  6. If you think Skype is bad, try using Foursquare. That thing inhales battery, I was watching my battery life counting down like seconds!

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