I have had a Skype account for millenia, but it hasn’t been one of those apps that I use on a regular basis. Why? I


Skype Calls On Your Mobile

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I have had a Skype account for millenia, but it hasn’t been one of those apps that I use on a regular basis. Why? I don’t know for certain, but I only use Skype on demand. I suspect that its the battery drain that I experienced way back that has me conditioned this way. I always have the mobile app installed on my smartphones. I just don’t touch it unless there is a request. I remember that it has come in handy. I was interviewed by a team of research students based in Europe via Skype last year. It was a voice call, but it worked well though all I had was an EDGE connection at the countryside location that I was outside Lagos.



Anyway, a friend requested for a Skype call a few days ago, so I went hunting the app down on the Sony Xperia P. I found it easily and had it running in a moment. We had a bit of a problem getting the video call to work properly, as we had to terminate a couple of calls to reconnect before we got video images. But I suspect that was a network issue. Anyway, we did get a Skype video call working fine, but it was evening and since Power Hoarding Company of Nigeria was on rampage at my friend’s end, video was pretty much useless to us. So, we switched to audio. Suffice to say, that worked fine, though with some breaks here and there.


Skype for mobile

That call got me thinking: Skype could be just as useful as WhatsApp is in keeping mobile communications costs low. If you have a fairly robust data subscription and contacts on Skype, you could easily cut down on your call costs by using Skype audio calls instead of the regular call facilities from your network. The challenge with using Skype that way would be if your contacts are like me and never launch the app except there is a demand for it. If what I see on my Skype contacts list is anything to go by, however, many of mine might just be like me.


The battery life of the Xperia P is far from stellar, but I am going to keep Skype active for a while to see how much battery drain it does right now. If you use Skype and keep it always connected on your mobile, do share your experiences with battery drain and general usage of the app.

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  2. . Skype could be just as useful as WhatsApp is in keeping mobile communications costs

    Sure could.

    it is definitely cheaper to do voIP calls, rather than conventional ones.

    the mystery is why it has not caught on much, even in jurisdictions where Internet connection is rock solid.

    could be because of the requirement for the communicating parties to both be on Skype for the cost savings to be truly applicable

    perhaps voIP calls will eventually supplant normal calls one day.

  3. I think I just prefer voice calls.

    I have always had Skype installed on my devices back in Nigeria. but rarely used it. Data was (and still is) precious back home. When I moved here, I was skyping so much in the first few weeks because of the cheap/free wifi availability.

    When academic work became serious, I had to limit my skyping because it was becoming another major distraction. I uninstalled it from all my phones, and I usually close the app on my laptop. Now , I skype only on pre-arranged appointments.

  4. I’ve probably spent more time texting on Skype than anything else.
    I’ve had a few calls and video calls but the cost of data versus the amount of time you want to spend holding a phone/tablet added to that how it chomps your battery – first world toy

  5. The closest program to whatsapp on android and ios is viber and tango. You dont need to log in to receive messages and calls and it comes with push technology. Tango has video, audio and sms with photo sharing while viber lack video calls.

    Tango can also be installed on pc, android, ios, windows phone and can be used on multiple devices unlike whatsapp.

    Viber cannot be installed on pc but has excellent voip quality
    Here are the android link for tango and Viber.

  6. @Emmaachile, the advantage of Skype is that it not only works with the usual suspects, but also on Blackberry, Symbian and it’s variations (Asha, Maemo etc).

    I’ve used Viber but there were so few Viber contacts it wasn’t worth it. If, like me, you are still in communication with people who only have Symbian or Asha phones (or any other feature phone), Viber and Tango won’t do

  7. Who do you use to communicate with those on asha or java phones?
    Skype works on pc, android, ios and windows phone only
    Tango works on pc, android, ios and windows phone only but without login stress or forgotten password and including push messages and notification like whatsapp.
    Viber works on android, ios only but only sms chat on blackberry

    Blackberry does not support voip without the help of 3rd party applications like im+ pro or imo.

    The summary is that all these applications do not run on feature phones like asha or java phones and blackberry to an extent.

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