Slabs! Slabs! Slabs everywhere!

Arrgh! I love a little variety. It is great to have different things to try out. In 2012, I wrote about the smartphone world now so boring from the perspective of operating systems. But the situation is worse than what I painted in that article. Besides OS, smartphone form factor has become very boring too.

Once upon a time, if you got bored with using a particular form factor, you could try out something else. But not any more. We had clam shells, flip phones, vertical QWERTY sliders, side QWERTY sliders, candy bar QWERTY, communicators, and then we had the occasional slab.

We even had ta few really oddball types like the Ngage or the 3650, pictured below.

But now, if you get bored with one slab, you tried to alleviate your boredom with another slab. That’s all we have now – varying sizes of slabs of glass or plastic or whatever pretend material the manufacturer is able to cook up.

Perhaps it is because of this that I find Samsung’s curved edge smartphones interesting – the Galaxy Note EDGE and the Galaxy S6 edge. Not that those offer significant differences from the flat slabs that we have been choked with. But at least, curved edges are a deviation from flat slabs.

Truth be told, apart from the odd BlackBerry in the candy QWERTY form, the smartphone world is currently made up of nothing but flat slabs. Small flat slabs, big flat slabs, and huge flat slabs. Okay, add curved edge slabs to that and its a wrap. That is all the variety we get now. And that sucks.


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