It looks like once again, our head honcho here, Yomi, was right again, pre-empting the appearance of a new range of tablets with QWERTY keyboards.

Sleek 7" Tablet with Sliding QWERTY keyboard coming from Dell

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dell slidingQWERTY tablet
It looks like once again, our head honcho here, Yomi, was right again, pre-empting the appearance of a new range of tablets with QWERTY keyboards. Less than two weeks ago, he wrote the article, A Tablet with hardware QWERTY keyboard and USB port, musing over how tablets can approach full PC functionality even more.

Such a tablet has been leaked – a gorgeous 7-inch display with a sliding keyboard. No other details are known for now. Perhaps that USB port is in the package too? Time will tell.

Tablets with hardware keyboards are not a novelty. They have been around for years. A case in point is the Nokia N810 internet tablet which was released back in April 2008. Such tablets have been produced by other manufacturers too in the past.

More pictures of the leaked Dell tablet are available over at Engadget.



  1. Yes, Dayo. I can’t but agree with. The weight may be prohibiting and may also mitigate its acceptance.

    What happened to wireless Bluetooth keyboard accessory? Or a keyboard Dock? The aim of portabiliy in a tablet as implemented in this DELL QWERT tablet may just well be defeated!

  2. i think one can now safely conclude that a tablet is any miniaturised computer of weight less than that of a netbook,

    there ate tablets with creen size as big as that of a conventional laptop, so size does not come into the definition..

    The ideas of tablets is to have a liliputian computing device (with / without a keyboard) powerful enough to do what’most people use a netbook for, light enough to hold with one hand, and energy, efficient enough to last several hours of intense use..

    Once technological advances achieve extreme miniaturisation, there ceases to be any difference between a tablet and a laptop/netbook..

  3. Anything can happen, but for now…

    I don’t see my self picking one of this.

    The future is Touch, Voice and Gestures.

  4. @EyeBeeKay

    True words. But that brings in once again the reason for their existence and the age old question: “are tablets meant to replace the netbook or they are meant to replace the smartphones?”

    Please don’t tell me they are in a niche of their own because from the current trend, they are aiming at replacing either of the two and are doing a good job….

  5. Looks like Dell is a late starter in this tablet-with-qwerty game. HTC had these kind of devices a couple of years ago in the name of HTC Shift & HTC Advantage. Both very nice and well implemented but failed to appeal to the masses though they were loved by the geeks.

  6. The ideal device would probably be one that is as powerful as a conventional laptop, of about size 4.5′ max – for true portability, with the ability to connect a fullsized keyboard plus DisplayUnit (for ‘serious work’)
    Then -we can additionally adorn ourselves with a pseudo-wristPHONE – for calls.

    How unobtrusive is a 7′(or more) tablet for making calls?

    How appropriate is a 4.5′ device (that needs to be with us almost always) as an ebook reader, or for watching movies?

    Not very!

    It looks like this is actually the era of digital divergence!
    Our divergent needs make single device usage impracticable as well as impractical.

    The salient & conflicting factors are portability/size, battery life and processor power.

    The processor power, battery life/ efficiency and miniaturisation will get progressively better, but …

    the physical problem of display size will remain – unless and until we get a device that cam be wrapped like an Egyptian scroll. Sci fi? MeThinkNot!

    Improving Voice recognition technology may mitigate the problem of need for verbose data input.

  7. @Eyebeekay
    Samsung to roll out flexible AMOLED displays (phones and watches) for public consumption by Q2 2012. Let the count down begin.

  8. @afewgoodmen i commented the previous thread concerning ‘tablets with qwerty keyboards”

    “@yomi why not try Asus they already have two tabletss with physical keyboards. The “transformer” and “slider”. Where thr “transformer” ‘s keyboard can be detached. And about usb on the go, I guess android 3.1 promises that functionality”

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