How to Sleep and Wake your phone with Gestures

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If you’re a fan of gesture controls, then you should know that they go along way to simplify how we operate our gadgets.  Here’s a tip on how to make your make your phone sleep or wake on with gestures.

Head on to Google Play Store and install Wake On Gesture. It offers a of configurable ways you can have your phone to wake or sleep with gestures. This comes in handy if you find using the power/sleep key too much of a hassle.

Wake on gesture (2)

Please, note that  the performance of this application is based on the performance of your proximity sensor, if you face issues with its performance try cleaning your proximity sensor.

To UNINSTALL this application:Wake on gesture (1)

1. Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators
2. Disable “Wake On Gesture”
3. Then proceed to Uninstall.


Download it HERE.


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