puts a twist on the classic Snake game

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Arcade games are fun. A lot of them are wildly popular around the world. In fact, one of the most popular has gained iconic status: the Snake game. Anyone who ever used a Nokia phone in the 2000s would remember this game fondly.

There’s a new version of the legendary Snake game. It is called, and this game is slightly different from the traditional snake games. In, you don’t avoid walls, you avoid other snakes. The objective of the game is to become the longest snake on the board. So, you play against other people and avoid other players. If your snake’s head touches another snake, it’s game over. However, if another snake touches yours, it explodes, and your snake can eat it.snake game

This certainly puts an interesting twist on the classic Snake game. Furthermore, you play this game with other people. This makes it even more interesting. You can play this game on Android, iOS and on your web browser.

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