How a small business phone plan can help your SME/startup

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Small businesses often have to juggle resources to operate efficiently. Managing your telephone bills is one way you can keep your business expenses low. This article highlights a few ways you can choose a small business phone plan and keep your costs down.

small business phone plan

What Is A Small Business Phone Plan?

By definition, a small business phone plan is a phone plan targeted at the needs of small and medium enterprises and startups. There is almost always the concept of resource sharing implemented in the plan.

Explore A Closed User Group

A Closed User Group (CUG) is a group of mobile subscribers with special privileges that often include the ability to make unlimited free phone calls to members of the group. This usually attracts a low monthly fee. Closed User Groups are great for small businesses that need to make a lot of calls in-house. It helps to keep a lid on monthly telephone expenses and so can be a great small business phone plan.

Closed User group subscriptions sometimes include mobile access to email and internet. In this case, your business enjoys the low cost of keeping internal communication going for both voice and data.

For Internet Access, Explore A Shared Data Plan

Various mobile networks/carriers offer shared internet plans. A shared internet plan is one that lets you subscribe to internet service on one line but the subscription can be shared with multiple other lines on the same network. The idea behind you exploring a shared data plan is that data tariffs are lower when you buy bigger plans. As such, three or four staff sharing one huge data plan translates to more data at a lower cost per staff.

Consider Creating A WhatsApp Group or Similar

In addition to the above two small business phone plan options, group features on apps like Evernote, WhatsApp, Skype, BBM and similar can be a great way to keep your in-house communication running smooth at low cost. You can create a WhatsApp group for each department or team, and another for management staff or supervisors. Just get creative. There are several apps and services that you and your staff probably already use individually that can be turned into great business tools.

Software companies have custom-built sharing platforms that offer internal communication, sharing of documents, cloud storage and document editing all built into one app or platform. These often cost a small annual fee to run and offer huge benefits for business teams.

Put a phone call to your carrier or operator today to ask if they have any Closed User Group services and Shared Data plans. You will be surprised at what you can find. Do not be afraid to experiment with mobile apps and services to see what works for your business.


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