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I was sitting around doing nothing serious this morning when I had the inspiration to take a photo of the various smartphones and platforms represented in MOBILITY at the moment. The above photo is the result. In it are the following mobile devices:

  1. Samsung LevelOn headphones
  2. Motorola Elite Silver wireless headphone
  3. Nokia X
  4. Infinix Zero
  5. BlackBerry Z10
  6. Lumia 930
  7. Smile 4G MiFi
  8. Samsung Galaxy k zoom (you don’t see it because it was used to take the photograph *wink* )

These devices are in our hands because smart brands know the value that MOBILITY Blog offers.

We are unable to represent every brand that we have worked with in the above picture, but we can list them. Here is our public appreciation to the following brands for believing in us and partnering with us by putting their devices and services in our hands:

  1. Nokia West & Central Africa
  2. BlackBerry Ltd.
  3. Etisalat Nigeria
  4. Pliris Mobile
  5. Vantium Ltd.
  6. Samsung Nigeria
  7. TECNO Mobile
  8. Smile Ltd.
  9. Nomad Charger
  10. SWOT Solutions
  11. Mi-fone
  12. InnJoo
  13. SOLO Phones Ltd.
  14. Orbra
  15. Bamboo
  16. Infinix Mobility

You won’t find such an array of mobile brands represented on any other blog anywhere else on the continent. We have a smart team of reviewers who have personally owned a cumulative of over 150 mobile devices and reviewed even more, from the days of Palm OS, Windows Mobile OS and Symbian OS till date. We know mobile like the back of our hands.

Smart brands put their devices in competent, credible hands. Smart brands put their devices in the hands of MOBILITY blog. We aim to continue to be the single, largest, most trusted source of mobile reviews on the African continent. Many thanks to each brand and their various PR teams.

PS: Here is hoping that I didn’t leave out any brand from the above list. If I did, I apologise upfront. Just holla and I shall rectify the grave error.


  1. I am obviously in the wrong job….all I get to test is whether the colour printer is working 🙁

  2. Well, I can holla HP on Ur behalf…. Soon U’ll be bragging of having owned over 500 printers….

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