Smartphone blindness is a new disease you should learn about

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Did you know? There’s a new sickness associated with mobile phone usage, called temporary smartphone blindness. What are the causes? How do we avoid this? Questions, questions, and more questions, I’ll explain.

What is temporary smartphone blindness?

Temporary smartphone blindness is an ailment caused by one-eyed smartphone usage in bed. When you use your phone in bed, one of your eyes gets accustomed to the brightness of the phone. Your other eye is obstructed by the pillow, and stays accustomed to darkness. The resultant effect – one can suffer from temporary blindness for up to 15 minutes.

smartphone blindness

After the smartphone is turned off, the eye tries to re-calibrate itself. You can freak out and run to the nearest hospital. According to Android Authority, two separate women had same problem, and after a series of cumbersome tests, the only diagnosis was one-eyed smartphone usage in bed.

How to prevent this

The eye specialist claims the illness offers no real danger, because the eye automatically resets itself after a period of time. To avoid this, always try using both eyes while using your phone in the dark. Turn on the lights, or just avoid using your phone when lying on the bed.

Some phones have Night Mode. Some other phones also have options to dim brightness or adjust the color tone. On Android phones, check Settings>> Display. Note that the major cause is the use of one eye to read, not necessarily the brightness of your phone.


This is not a foolproof test. There are chances this is a symptom of stroke. Whatever the case, remember to consult your doctor in times such as this. I have experienced this sometime in the past. I was seeing stars all through the “blindness period” before it cleared off. Have you suffered from this before? Your thoughts.



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