Mobility Arena’s Smartphone Instalment Plan (SIP) allows users to purchase any of the specified smartphones on an instalment plan. For now, the service is limited to three (3) instalments.

How Does SIP Work?

  1. Complete and submit the form at the end of this page to get started.
  2. Once we have concluded arrangements with you, we will send you an order link so you can enter your ATM/MasterCard/VISA card details in a secure environment to pay your first instalment.
  3. We deliver the smartphone to your office, where you sign an agreement form.
  4. The payment processor debits your card after 30 days for your 2nd payment and at 60 days for your 3rd.

smartphone instalment plan

Frequently Asked Questions about Smartphone Instalment Plan

  1. Do I have to be employed to qualify for SIP? Answer: Yes; you need to be in paid employment to qualify to use SIP.
  2. Must I have an ATM/Debit/Credit card to be able to use SIP? Answer: yes; you do. SIP transactions are processed by an e-payment processor.
  3. Are my card details safe? Answer: Yes; your card details are safe. All payments are processed via PayStack, a payment processor that offers the industry encryption for online transactions.
  4. When do I pay my first instalment? Answer: At the point that you place your order for a smartphone under the instalment plan. Your card will be billed when you checkout.
  5. When will I get my smartphone after placing my order? Answer: You will get your smartphone delivered to you at your office within 24 hours. If you order on a Friday, it will be delivered to you the following Monday, except you report to work on Saturdays.
  6. Can I use SIP regardless of my location? Answer: SIP is initially available only in Lagos State, but service coverage will be expanded to other states in Nigeria shortly.
  7. What happens if I don’t pay up my subsequent instalments when due? Answer: It is in both our interest and yours that we retain you as a repeat customer. As such, we ask you to keep to your obligation to us and ensure that your payments are made as due. We would love to avoid a situation in which we have to take action to redress defaulting payments. Such actions may include: [1] Reporting your account delinquency to multiple credit bureaus; [2] Involvement with external collection agencies; [3] Involvement with your employers; and [4] Possible legal action.

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Purchase a new smartphone in 3 instalments
Service Type
Purchase a new smartphone in 3 instalments
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Mobility Arena,
Mobility Arena's Smartphone Instalment Plan lets users purchase smartphones on instalment purchase.