Smartphone market: Apple tops, Samsung #2, Nokia #3

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At first, no-one thought it could happen, then some began to see its possibility. Now, it has happened: Apple is officially the number 1 smartphone maker on the planet, pushing the incumbent Nokia to number 3 position. Samsung, who have been on Nokia’s tail for years, finally edged out the Finnish company to sit at the number 2 spot.

Here’s how the 2nd Quarter 2011 smartphone shipments went:

  1. Apple: 20.3 million units
  2. Samsung: 19.2 million units
  3. Nokia: 16.7 million units

As already mentioned here on MobilityNigeria, the Samsung Galaxy S II is currently regarded as the hottest smartphone on the planet, having sold 5 million units in less than 3 months. Perhaps someday, Samsung will sit at the top of the smartphone food chain.

In the modern smartphone market, that is not impossible. Congrats, Apple! An amazing feat indeed, considering that it took just 4 years to pull off.


  1. Blame Mr Elop for nokia’s woe,thanks to his burning platform memo.Imaging what symbian has done is still doing and what Meego is currently doing on nokia N9 and N950! I like apple for being decisive and unwaivered.

  2. Congrats Apple. In just 4 short years you took over from the Smartphone Volume sales King called Nokia! No one would have thought it possible, but you did it. It was nice and worthwhile that some of us stood by you even at the height when you were blatantly criticized here.

    Just let’s watch out for the next quarter when the iphone “5” would be released! The number 1 position may likely continue in the next quarter until Samsung or Nokia’s WP7 attempt to catch. Though it’d be difficult!

  3. Damnit! I’m really sad for Nokia. Stephen Elop seems more and more like Nokia’s Antichrist.

  4. (( Samsung Galaxy S II is currently regarded as the hottest smartphone on the planet ))

    Literally, they producer ‘hot’ smartphones. I hope they are / have addressed the problem of their higher-end smartphones overheating in some instances.
    (( Blame Mr Elop for nokia’s woe,thanks to his burning platform memo ))
    Could’ not agree More.. Sad!

    Like in lawn tennis these days, the number one spot does not stay with anybody for long anymore.

    I see competition for the number 1 spot just beginning….

  5. Apple beats Nokia in 4yrs
    Samsung beats Nokia in 2yrs+ (with Android)

    who should celebrate more.

    Though its funny that Samsung has been behind Nokia for yrs.

  6. Mr Elop should not be blamed for Nokia’s failure to maintain number 1 position on smartphones, the fact is the ui flexibility and high performances of ios and android compared to symbian os. Look forward to when SGS2 will be available in Nigeria.

  7. Yes, Congrats to Apple. A laudable feat!

    @Bosun99uk; Samsung did not take 2 years. They’ve been competing with Nokia all along!

    After 15 years of reigning as the undisputed Smartphone sales world power, Nokia is finally overthrown by no one but APple. Many people have derided Apple’s formula but that has turn to its winning streak. Apple defeated Nokia in just four short years!

    Change is what is constant in life! And with the upcoming iOS 5 along with the iPhone 5 possibly in September; there are still more bullets in APple’s arsenal and the winning streak will likely continue!

  8. Cant wait to see next quarter sales…if i were samsung, i would manufacture more cheap droids along with the current top end droids….that way they’ll be number one before year end!

  9. Shayman; Manufacturing cheap phones does not necessarily translate to rapid sales otherwise Apple wouldn’t have recorded much sales. Doing well involves a lot more than just that. Or could you look at Nokia with cheap phones in their portfolio yet unable to maintain their crown? The Galaxy S II which has sold over 5 million units in 5 months isn’t cheap either.

    What matters now is that next quarter sales would be guarded. Apple would maintain its lead or Samsung might catch up. If you noticed the difference between Apple and Samsung is just 1.1%!!

    What i know for sure is that i do not see Nokia catching up until after this Symbian/WP7 transitional period. And that’s going to be mid next year at best.

    We’ll see more jokers to come by next month.

  10. @Afewgoodmen

    Here is my comments again

    (Apple beats Nokia in 4yrs
    Samsung beats Nokia in 2yrs+ (with Android)
    who should celebrate more.
    Though its funny that Samsung has been behind Nokia for yrs.)

    Samsung has been competing with Nokia all along; Yes, but not with Android.

    It took Samsung (with Android) just 2yrs plus to beat Nokia.

  11. I still believe nokia could regain its position if meego is given a chance to survive at the upper end,but i have my doubts on wp os.Anyway ,time shall tell.

  12. Its really not our battle but we all ‘grew’ up loving Nokia. The way forward is not to panic like they are doing now but to produce high end and high tech products. They should try to label their products chronologically ie they should not introduce E9 today and follow it up with E7, it does not make sense. Too many products spoil the broth, they should limit the number of ‘New releases’ per year. Finally they should promote MEEGO as their flagship platform, they should advertise, advertise and advertise. The battle is not lost yet.

  13. Nokia is not panicking, its buyers that are panicking/moving to other platforms.

    Nokia naming convention is somehow, but maybe its because they produce lots of phones.

    Nokia will sure manufacture lots of low end phones; remember the next billion.

    Well, Nokia spends more on advertising than most other manufacturers, in fact analyst say Nokia spends too much on adverts.

    Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop has given it to us big time, “even if the N9 proves a massive hit, Nokia is going to turn its attention to other, more Windows Mobiley things”.

  14. Bosun, How can Buyers panick? Do they have more to lose than Nokia if Nokia collapses? Apart from a few die-hard Nokia Enthusiast, Buyers would simply move to the next viable OS. Nokia needs to take care of their own. Although Panic isn’t the answer as compared to cold logical and relentless clinical scrutiny of their current State!

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